Since April 2015 the CDM-Coordinator role has been superseded by the Principle Designer role under the CDM regulations click here to find out more.

Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Coordination

The Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations introduced in 2015 require a CDM Coordinator to be appointed for all notifiable projects. These are projects which last more than 30 days or involve more than 500 person days.

AM Safety Specialists Ltd from Braintree, Essex supply clients with qualified personnel to act as CDM co-ordinators in accordance with CDM Regulations. Our experienced CDM co-ordinators have successfully undertaken a range of challenging projects including Health & Safety contracts for the BBC.

CDM Coordinators bring together designers, construction teams and Health & Safety advisors prior to commencement of building and are responsible for reviewing design changes throughout construction. To find out more, visit our 'What is a CDM Coordinator' page.

Services provided by our CDM Coordinators in accordance with the 2015 Regulations include:

  • Advice and assistance to enable compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation.

  • Notification to the Health & Safety Executive of projects.

  • Coordination of the design, planning and all preparations in relation to Health & Safety issues.

  • Identification of relevant Health & Safety information to ensure it is notified to relevant parties.

  • Production and maintenance of a Health & Safety file that is available to all relevant parties.

  • Our CDM Coordinators undertake site visits and audits to monitor Health & Safety arrangements. They provide the advice and guidance necessary for clients to meet, and exceed, the requirements of the CDM 2015 Regulations from the outset of a project to final completion.

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    For further information on the full range of our CDM Coordination services contact us: AM Safety Consultancy

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