AM Safety Specialists Ltd - Offshore Health & Safety Management

AM Safety Specialists Ltd take pride in only employing the most experienced and knowledgeable of Safety Managers to work on our offshore contracts.

Our Safety Managers identify and mitigate Health and Safety (H&S) hazards through knowledge and review of relevant regulatory requirements, analysis of equipment design, and development/use of H&S risk management control procedures. Key activities will include:

  • Leading and facilitating top-down system H&S hazard analyses, starting in the conceptual design stage to eliminate or control hazards, and continuing during the life of the project to evaluate changes in the system or in the environment.

  • Documenting and tracking hazards and their resolution (establishing audit trails).

  • Working with the equipment design team to eliminate or control hazards.

  • Creating and validating safe work practices and risk assessments for manufacturing, construction, and operations/maintenance activities.

  • Maintaining relevant information systems and documentation; and establishing information and reporting channels related to health and safety issues and activities.

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