One Day Training Courses

Vehicle Marshal

Course objectives

Next to falls, vehicle accidents are the most common cause of injuries to people at work. This unique training course has been developed to assist employers comply with their legal responsibilities to appoint competent persons to control traffic and plant on construction sites and in and around industrial premises.

We need our clients to provide a suitable area, turning circle and vehicle (transit van) to enable the practical workshop and assessments to be undertaken.


  • Introduction and course aims
  • The law and your responsibilities
  • Vehicle accident statistics
  • Video presentation - Vehicle Accident Prevention
  • Planning traffic routes
  • Safe procedures and controlling systems
  • Directing traffic
  • Vehicle safety
  • Reversing vehicles
  • Turning vehicles
  • Hand signals and communication
  • Practical session and assessments
  • Post-course questionnaire

Course duration
6 hours

Course venue
We can offer this course at our training facility, your premises or on site.

Number of delegates
6 - 10

Directors and Senior Managers Responsibility for Health & Safety Awareness

Course objectives
The 'One Day Directors and Senior Managers Health and Safety Awareness Course' has been developed to provide the Directors and Senior Management with an extensive insight into the legal duties and responsibilities.

It also includes issues such as changes in the approach by insurance companies regarding Health and Safety and the impact this attitude is having on Senior Management teams throughout industry and commerce.

Upon completion of the course the delegates should be able to:

  • Show an awareness of Directors' and Senior Managers' criminal and civil duties and responsibilities
  • Gain an insight into the change in approach to business by the insurance market and the associated effect on insurance liability and premiums
  • Be able to identify the potential impact on the organisation created by the significant changes brought about by the findings of the Woolf and Turnbull Reports
  • Outline the potential implications for organisations regarding criminal cases or in civil actions
  • Identify other legislation relating to Senior Management responsibilities
  • Outline the general duties placed on Senior Managers
  • Outline the requirements for the development of a pro-active development of a Health and Safety management system within the organisation

Course duration
6 hours

Course venue
We can offer this course at our training facility, your premises or on site.

Number of delegates
6 - 10

CDM Awareness

Course Description
This short course can be tailored to fit your company or personal requirements. At a minimum it will outline the main requirements of the regulations and duty holder responsibilities. Focus can then be tailored to suit your role within the CDM process.

Who Should Attend
Individuals or company representatives, who would benefit from a more in-depth knowledge of their role, within or on the peripherals, of the Construction industry. Potential Clients, Architects, Designers, CDM Coordinators, Principal Contractor Representatives, Contractors or anyone with an interest in furthering their knowledge of the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2007.

Course Content
The course will cover the main parts of CDM 07; Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 along with Schedule 2 (Welfare Arrangements), Notification to the HSE, the Duties charts and outline clearly where duties lay and who has responsibilities, giving guidance on time lines for completion. Time can also be spent on discussing the Competency Charts and how best to prepare for the Pre-Qualification Questionnaires that are used during the tendering process. A complimentary copy of the CDM Approved Code of Practice is issued for candidate retention along with a number of industry guides to assist in the correct application of the subject on return to the workplace.

Assessment & Award
Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance which will detail the syllabus covered.

This course can be tailored to suit your needs but typically lasts for one day

Behavioral Safety

Please call to discuss creating Behavioral Based Safety training Workshops tailored to your organisation.

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